Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

I have never been one to make much of Valentines Day I think that it is kind of overrated but I do expect flowers, you know to feel loved and thought of! Poor Adam had to work in the morning but by lunch he was home and we decided to go get a grill. We really like to grill and will a lot more when the warm weather gets here, so we felt it was a wise investment, plus we still had some gift money. So we make the trip to Lowes and decide on a grill.
Here is Adam with our (his) new grill

Once we figured out that it would fit in Adam's jeep to haul home we decided it was the one for us, and naturally need a propane tank. Well long story short Lowes was trying to rip us off marking it one price and then ringing it up another, guess we should have gone to Home Depot haha. Anyhow our wonderful neighbors let us borrow theirs for the night :) We (adam) grilled steaks and then we made our favorite Strawberry Cake for dessert, it was quite good. My lovely flowers :)

Making the cake with my awesome KitchenAid mixer that Adam likes to make fun of!

The finished product! Quite delicious!

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