Saturday, February 28, 2009


I confess I have been a bad blogger lately but I don't want to just write about nothing, that's lame and you would be able to tell that I am just pulling stuff out of well nowhere. But at last I have something to blog about! Last night Adam and I drove to Durham after I got off work to visit my parents that drove up to stay with my sister, brother-in-law and nephew. We only got to see Jackson for a little bit, because after baby boot camp for his sleeping habits he goes to bed early now. He is getting so big and we are so glad we are nearby and get to see him at least once a week and watch him grow. After a delicious dinner we played taboo boys against girls, and well Adam thought the boys were going to win and even felt confident enough to update his Facebook status to say that he was killing me in Taboo. Well that in fact was not the case. The girls came back and squashed the boys for a victory to brag and update their own Facebook status about... we're lame I know; just competitive is all! Here is uncle Adam after we got him all ready for bed. We think he is starting to look more like Ivey when she was a baby. He was getting sleepy, hence the dazed look. A little peek into the future: Check back with us soon as Adam and Ashley become house hunters!

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  1. love the new blog look :) and Jackson sure looks cute! Can't wait to hear about the house hunting!


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