Monday, February 9, 2009

The First Month

We have had an incredible first month of marriage. So far (knock on wood) it has been an easy and wonderful adjustment. Work is going well for me, and I feel like I am picking it up quickly. Adam is starting to have more responsibilities with his job and we are learning how to grow and cleave to each other spirit to spirit, flesh to flesh, and soul to soul as our sunday school teacher in college taught us. On our one month anniversary Adam surprised me when I walked in the door with some beautiful flowers in our vase that we got in Cozumel. Also another big change is: I GOT A BIG HAIRCUT! Everyone keeps saying oh everyone cuts their hair after they get married. You're darn right they do because you have to grow you hair out for so stinkin long so you have something to work with on wedding day (or because their mother wouldn't let them) and you deserve a haircut after months of untamed ungroomed uncut locks. So here is my new do:


  1. First of all, cute haircut! Love it! And what a sweet husband you have! I think Brooks & I got some stuff from Cozumel in that same pattern! :)

  2. Congratuations on an easy first month! I know you are keeping Christ at the center of your marriage. This is no promise that everyihing will always be perfect but it does mean that you have a center and a help in easy and hard times.
    Love you both,

  3. It's hard to believe it's been a month already! Be sure to check out Morgan's blog to see new pics of Samuel and Jackson.


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