Sunday, January 18, 2009

Real Life Here I come

We're back from the honeymoon and trying to get settled in quickly before Adam starts school and work and I start work. I haven't had time to download all of our pictures yet so this will be a picture-less post! A wedding/honeymoon post will have to be soon. We got back on Tuesday night, had a grand total of about 10 hours in our home together before we took off again for Atlanta. Adam's great-grandmother passed away, we were glad we were both free to be able to go so quickly. Needless to say we left our house an absolute disaster I mean you could hardly walk in the living room, so ever since we got back on Wednesday night we have been trying to get everything the way we want it and livable.

I also start my first grown-up job tomorrow. I'm excited and sad that I have to give up my freedom/flexibility, but it will be nice to have a paycheck. Adam starts school on Thursday, so he will have a honey-do list till then, probably everyday to finish up our house haha! I am ready to get into a routine though and to not have to constantly spend my time organizing, just to have everything in a home while we are here in wonderful Wake Forest!

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