Thursday, January 29, 2009

Honeymoon take two

We had an amazing time on our honeymoon. We made 4 stops to Grand Cayman, Belize, Cozumel, and Roatan Islands. I think Cozumel was our favorite because of our awesome Speed Boat Excursion. It was an amazing time and sometimes we wish we were still there haha!
This was our favorite dessert that they had. It was called Chocolate Melting Cake mmmm! Think of the best most gooeiest brownie you ever had.... now multiply that by like 10 and that is how good it is. I would go back just for that, honest
Ok so I am totally opposed to everyone posting a million lame pictures of towel animals that go on cruises. Yes they are fascinating, but I broke my rule for this one. He is just cute c'mon
Here we are on our second formal night sporting our matching outfits from Marshall & Rachel's Wedding!
This was the first formal night that we had. Our waitress was talking to us and found out we were honeymooners. She got really excited and got some others to come over to us to sing happy honeymoon to you (to the tune of happy birthday, sort of) and she made us kiss the whole time... a little embarrassing!
I think this was from our balcony one night, absolutely beautiful...


  1. Yayy! Love seeing pictures! Looks like yall had a great time... I know you miss it :)

  2. You blog is officially bookmarked. I'll let you know when mine is up and running. I love the picture of the boys moving the sofa and your friends quote. I can just hear Ross now. When are we going to get together and play the friends game again?


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