Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Moores Move!

well almost Moores but I liked the alliteration! Adam and I started around 9:00 on Friday morning and didn't stop until 10:30 that night. Our families helped us load up and then made the drive to Wake Forest and unloaded us. We couldn't have done it without them. Especially Adam's little sister's boyfriend, he and Adam did most of the heavy lifting that day. We even got stuff unpacked and put away too! Our new door hanger I got for Christmas with our name on it
"Pivot, Pivot, Pivot" - For all the 'Friends' lovers this is for you! Opening our pots and pans that Adam's sweet grandmother gave us!
Before the TV stand was built and our ugly sofa before the pretty slipcovers were put on The finished product that Adam built all by himself!

Check back with us soon! Hopefully I'll have more picture opportunities now with my awesome new camera that I got for Christmas!!


  1. Love it! It was so fun to see your townhouse tonight. It looks so good! Can't wait for this weekend. We love yall!

  2. Your house looks so cute already! I looked at Christy's pics from your wedding- you were BEAUTIFUL! I'm so happy for you and Adam! Congrats!


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