Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wedding Weekend

This past weekend Adam and I met in Mooresville to do some wedding things that we needed to be together to do. We got a lot accomplished and all before 3:00!

We started off the day meeting the caterer to give her my new picture of the wedding cake we like. We were (Adam mostly) disappointed that we did not get to taste any cakes but that's ok. I'm not a fan of cake in general even less so chocolate cake but we were able to compromise on a layer of chocolate cake for Adam and the rest vanilla. So we got that all worked out and the caterer informed us that if our numbers go too much over 300 then we need to think about changing rooms that we have reserved at the Citizens Center. Ehhhhh... not gonna happen. The other room is u-g-l-y. It has no windows! So sorry folks you'll have to be packed into the other room to please moi!

We then went to look at the church (we're not getting married at our church because it's a gym so we're getting married at another church downtown) and get ready... panic attack... the stage is soooo small well narrow really. I'm not even talking about the fact that we have a umm rather large bridal party, that's not even an issue since they can be on the floor, but the stage is so narrow I don't know how Adam and I and my Dad and our other pastor will even fit facing each other. Oh my we'll see how that one works out, I guess we better all make sure to have breath mints.

Then we went to the tux place and picked them out. We are renting them from the same place that Adam rented his tuxes when we went to prom for 3 years together. It's a local place and it's just kind of neat to give them our business for our wedding! After that we went to a rental place to try and find candelabras. I'm really picky, shocker I know, but I want this certain rod iron kind that no one seems to have. Still searching...

We then went to visit a jeweler to pick out wedding bands. Adam found the one that he wants and the jeweler was able to help us figure out what to do with my ring since it has stairs on the side. He was great and we're both going to be able to get exactly what we want and within budget :)

We finished off the day by going to see Traitor, it was ok, I wouldn't go see it, wait till it comes out, and a dinner date to Chili's (thanks grandma)!

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