Monday, September 8, 2008

Good things

You know inside every cloud there is a sliver lining, even though Adam and I are not together right now there are still some good things happening, let me fill you in:
  • We have all of our invitations! We finally found the rest of them, although not as cheap as I would've liked still WAY more reasonable than most. Did you know you could easily spend like $800 on a piece of paper people throw away! I will NEVER get over how ridiculously overpriced they are.
  • We are going to do a bunch of wedding stuff this weekend: wedding bands, cake, tuxs, stage candle thingys. This to me=fun!
  • I do not have to have a bone graft! Just another tissue graft which is relatively "easy" compared to everything else! I wrote this post called Healer about this video done by Hillsong. They have since come out and said the whole thing was fabricated by this one guy. It really is sad (not so silver sorry) but I've since taken it down because 1) It wasn't my writing style and I felt it was too "forced" haha 2) It's not the same without the testimony video, although the song still has so much truth in it.
  • Adam owes me a trip to the fair and we're going this year :) and my/soon-to-be our nephew will be born around the same time!
  • and we're getting married in 117 days or 16ish weeks or 4ish months!

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  1. Yayyy for all of your invitations... and for all of the fun wedding weekend stuff- how did it go?

    Know that there is a room waiting for you if you want to stay in Wake Forest!

    Love you!


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