Thursday, September 25, 2008

99 DAYS!

That's right, as of 6 PM tonight, it is less than one hundred days until I get to marry Ashley! Now this post may go to prove what one of my unnamed coworkers (Walter Strickland II) said about my love for Ashley being disgusting, but that is okay. It really is insane how quickly the last roughly 300 days have gone by since our engagement. And in just over three months, we get to stand next to those candle things Ashley was talking about, and say our vows. I will also get my ring that we just picked out. And a few hours after that on January 4th, we will be setting sail for Rotan Island and a three other islands! The last few months really have been amazing, and I can not wait for what 2009 has in store. But if you think about it, pray for Ashley, she will have a lot to deal with when she has to learn to live with me!

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  1. Oh my goodness! 3 months sounds like NOTHING! I can't believe it is so soon! I am SO excited- and even more excited I get to see yall tomorrow!


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