Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weddings are Expensive

This is a little known fact. Most everyone acknowledges this shocking realization that weddings cost a pretty penny. Well maybe not so shocking I mean have you priced invitations alone recently? Part of the story I'll get to later. Still during the planning process as you go along you hope to get a break somewhere, like, "oh maybe this won't be as expensive as we thought it would be, or hey we can actually save money here." Yes wishful thinking... however we are able to a very few of some of the smaller things ourselves which helps save.

We are currently having an invitation dilemma. It doesn't help that we have to have a ton of invitations, or else this might not really be a problem, actually that would probably solve a lot of problems no doubt, less people = less expensive haha go figure. Anyhow, I'm torn between not really caring about the invitations that people are just going to throw away and still wanting to really like them and have them be "pretty." I found some do-it-yourself invites at Michaels but the problem is we have a little less than half of them and are having trouble finding more, Michaels won't let you order off the internet! Lame! So I found some off the internet that I really like but they're a little more than I want to spend, I've ordered a sample and I'm hoping that they will send me a coupon with it. We'll see, to be continued...

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  1. I know they will be beautiful no matter what you decide.

    and yes, they are expensive!


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