Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hey where are the pictures?!

I have been holding off on posting about our wonderful trip to the beach so I could put pictures up at the same time, but we are having technical difficulties with getting the pictures onto the computer so I'll have to add those later.

On Friday when we got there about 12 we went straight to eat lunch where I met up with Adam... finally! We did the big Wal-Mart run to stock the house and then Adam headed back to Caswell a little while later to get ready for the last service. I got to sit up in the sound booth with Adam as he so expertly worked the cameras and such. I felt cool haha

The rest of the days we spent hanging out on the beach with family and watching the Olympics till we couldn't hold our eyelids open anymore. I'll say it, How about that Michael Phelps heh? Adam will kill me for saying this but he also found that gymnastics is not quite as girly as he had thought it was, and was actually quite impressed with those crazy routines they do. Seriously how do they do it?

We did get to go to Myrtle Beach one of the days and walked around Broadway at the Beach and met up with our youth pastor and his family. His youngest daughter is one of our flower girls, and he is going to be officiating the first part of our ceremony up until my Dad gives me away.

We were there six days and it certainly wasn't enough time, but guess what?! Next time we go to the beach with family we will be MARRIED! yay! There is always a silver lining :)

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