Sunday, July 13, 2008

Save the Dates

Yay we have ordered our save the date magnets! I am super excited to see them. I think I changed my mind about a hundred times as to which one to get. Adam was so patient and let me be picky :) They should be here this week or the beginning of next. I'm hoping this week so that I can go home and send them out. We'll see. I don't know if anyone is reading this that would be interested in buying save the date announcements anytime soon but we got a great deal from Magnet Street Weddings ask for a magazine and they'll send you a coupon.

I am although a little disappointed that I had to have braces on in the picture, but what can you do. I desperately desire your prayers to have my braces off by September. It is time, way past time to have them off! I want to feel like a grown up again! I'm tired of people asking me if I am 15, or if I already took my E.O.G's, also being surprised that I am actually a senior in college, or that I don't look old enough to get married, or if I want a glass of milk with my stupid chocolate cake at Outback when the waitress was bringing my parents coffee! And yes... all of these things have been said to me. So there's my mini rant about braces. I could write a couple of posts about my mouth issues and braces but no one would want to read that, trust me! I'll spare you.

So here's to saving the date and daydreaming of no longer being insulted!

~brace face

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  1. reading your blog tonight was priceless. i just smiled for the first time in a week! im in total agreement with you on the braces girl! i feel the pain, so glad we have each other. soooooooon we will have those PEARLY whites again and we will actually feel 21! i say when that day comes lets do something crazy random for ourselves, likes makeovers and tonssssss of pictures and eat the stickiest things we can find! :-) i love you and i love reading your blogs missy! keep them up


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