Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I know I know I have got to be the worst blogger ever! Everyone who might have read this in the past has probably, unfortunately lost interest. Maybe not, who knows! But for my own entertainment I am going to share with possibly just myself and Adam about my trip to Charleston!Fortunately I was able to move my two doctors appointments around that I had during the interim week between summer classes so that I could go with my mom and sister to Charleston. My oldest sister Whitney had a business trip down there Monday-Thursday so my mom and I were able to tag along. The week before my mom and Ivey were able to go to Myrtle beach with Whitney on another business trip. You can imagine how jealous I was being stuck in summer school still. And yes I made them feel guilty haha!

As soon as we got down there on Monday we went down the street to Cupcakes This place is so cute and wonderfully delicious, or is that magically delicious? anyways they have different flavors everyday. They are made from scratch every morning. It's pretty famous, at least around there! I think I had one everyday. I really wanted to try the chocolate chip cheesecake one but they only make on Fridays and we left on Thursday. sad :( another time I suppose. For dinner we went to Magnolias it was sooo yummy. They have this butter that they mix with cream cheese, amazing. I think that was my favorite part of the meal, weird I know.

Tuesday, Whitney dropped mom and I off at the market and we shopped our way back down King street to the hotel. We spent the rest of the day reading by the pool, however I chose to read in the pool it was fabulous. I don't really do too well just laying out, Adam says something about a short attention span but I just don't think that's true. Tuesday night I went to a work dinner with my sister. It was long, but tasty.

Wednesday mom and I went on a walking tour. I did not so much enjoy it. There were pieces I liked but my idea of fun is not listening to a historian's spill for 3 hours while I am:
1) getting eaten alive by mosquitoes
2) walking in a pack of people on and off for 3 hours
3) almost getting pooped on by a bird, and I mean it splattered off the ground and a little got onto my toe yuck! T.M.I I'm sure
4) absolutely no where to go to the bathroom until the very end
We did get to stop in two historic homes which was my favorite part. The picture above is of me at one of the homes standing by a gate designed by Thomas Jefferson. We also went to Jestines Kitchen for some soul food, apparently it's really famous. Oprah and Rachael Ray have been there and it has been in like 30 southern living magazines.

That night we went on a dinner cruise! This was so neat and a bargain. Highly recommended if you go to Charleston. Very romantic too! This was our scenery! The cruise started at 7 and ended at 10, we ate dinner and enjoyed the view and music. I however started to feel a little queezy, not bad though we just hung out on the deck in between courses and I was fine. I will definitely do it again someday when Adam and I go down there after we are married. Thursday mom and I went in a few shops, then we met Whitney for lunch and headed out in the afternoon. It was a great trip and a great way to spend my break I am very thankful. Charleston is such a beautiful place and full of history and I could tell you about a little from my 3 hour history lesson, but I won't haha! It would make a great weekend getaway. I plan on doing just that in the future! Is it strange that I mostly talked about food? haha how American!


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