Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where are Adam and Ashley?

So you may ask.... what are Adam and Ashley doing with themselves on this LAST summer as single people? Well, here's a bit of an update of what we're up to and how we are passing the time!

Adam - Besides missing Ashley this summer Adam is back at Caswell working on the BDT Team for the 3rd year! This year however, he is the media intern. I'm not sure what all this entails, I do know that it is more responsibility and higher up on the food chain! He will be there until August 9th. August 9th is also the last day of classes for me and the same day that I drive down to the beach with his family! One of the highlights of my summer. Also occasionally he will be working at the Summit and teaching for his boss when he is out of town. Very cool.

Ashley - Besides wishing I was at the beach with Adam I am taking summer school so I can graduate early and marry someone! And let me tell you it is soooo worth it! I think I really set myself up to be miserable here this summer, which I guess was a good thing because the only place I had to go was up. This summer is flying by, I only have one more week of my first summer session! woo hoo! Classes are not too hard, and I'm staying busy working, doing a bible study, and hanging out with some friends. All the weekends away and weddings really help to break everything up as well.

Counting the days!


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