Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another Wedding: The Keiths

Well it was another great weekend! I got to see Ashley and Matt and Magan Keith's wedding in Kannapolis on Saturday. Knowing that ours is coming up so soon, I actually have really enjoyed the fact that we have been to 3 wedding in less than a month. Another fun part of the weekend was stopping by Ashley's house to take our picture for Save The Date magnets. This is something I really had never heard of until we were engaged, but apparently you get to send out a reminder about the wedding, and then send actual invitations. But it was fun, and of course Ashely looks beautiful in the picture. Hopefully we will get to send those out soon, and everybody will be able to remember when the wedding is. Overall, it was another fun wedding, a great day with Ashley, and a lot of things to make me real excited that it is my turn in 191 days!


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