Thursday, May 8, 2008

One Man's Trash... another man's treasure! That's right we went dumpster diving. I know what you may be thinking: this is gross, did you actually dig through the trash, where would you get the idea to do this. Well I will tell you. Yes it was a little gross and smelly. I did not dig through the trash my roommate Courtney did while I was the flashlight and camera girl. Sara took the items from her and put them in the car.

Last year when I worked at catering my bosses told me about how they did this at a certain dorm and found some good stuff. You see when all the students are moving out they either are too lazy to pack these seemingly useless items or else they just don't have room for them. So they just throw them away in great condition. The school even has this thing called "the Big Sale" in August to donate the profit to non-profit organizations. They place collections bins in each dorm in the spring and put signs on the trashcan so people will donate their unwanted items for the sale in the fall! (there was a sign on this trashcan by the way) This is a great thing and there is no reason to throw away stuff that other people can use!

We went when it was starting to get a little darker, cause it was a little embarrassing, I'm not going to lie! We got some amazing stuff that you wouldn't believe people threw away. Here are some of the things that we got:

  • a pack of construction paper
  • brand new bottles of Victoria's secret lotion, body wash, and perfume
  • $11 in quarters (go figure)
  • Rubbermaid 3 draw storage container
  • a bag of ae and gap shirts
  • a pyrex casserole dish with lid (unused)
  • and many more odds and ends!

I hope this doesn't change your opinion of me! haha!


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