Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sorry I didn't think of it first

This weekend kicked off wedding season with Lindsay and Bobby's wedding at Mount Vernon. It was mardi gras themed and totally fit Lindsay's personality. They had a very unique ceremony that was centered around Christ and I know that they will honor the Lord in their marriage. Well because of her wedding (and thanks to a job fair, hope you landed one girls!) I got to have my good friends up from Durham to stay with me that are also getting married very soon! We had such a great time together and I am looking forward to not only moving down to Wake Forest to marry the love of my life, but that I get to spend more time with these girls too! As we were discussing many wedding details they showed me this video, that was apparently very popular, but somehow I missed the memo! It is awesome! If only I were this creative check out this couples first dance. I doubt that you should be expecting this for mine and Adam's first dance. Plus, even if we were brave enough to do this it wouldn't be original. But even if I had thought of this first would I really have done it? That is the question. Enjoy!


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  1. awww- you could totally pull the dance off... or maybe you could just teach Adam the Hairspray dance that we learned and do that one! LOVE YOU!


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