Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Marriage Impact Seminars Part 1: Foundations of Marriage

This weekend Adam and I got to go to our first session of pre-marital counseling at The Summit Church where Adam is currently the connections intern. The Marriage Impact seminar is broken down into 6 sessions throughout the year. We hope to be able to complete them all before we get married. In the fall they will assign us a mentor couple that we will meet with. I think that is really neat and will be beneficial for us in starting our marriage. I'm excited! The focus of this session was a "Gospel Centered Marriage." The purpose of marriage is to teach us the love of Jesus. To teach us to love like Jesus -to see yourself as a recipient of grace so then you can become a conduit of grace, you are never more like Jesus than when you show grace. To mutually compliment one another - together you will be stronger and more effective than you will be apart. To multiply a godly legacy - children are God's most effective evangelism strategy. To mirror God's image. We then talked about the roles of marriage. Man was to reflect the leadership of God in at least 5 ways: provision, walking with God, protection, romance, and self-sacrifice. Lastly we talked about four commitments related to leaving and cleaving. Receiving your mate - when you marry her, she becomes the one. Leaving your parents - financially, emotionally, essentially cutting the umbilical cord! Cleaving to your mate, and becoming one flesh. As Adam recommended the book below called Sacred Marriage he is so right. I have only read a couple of chapters and I'm loving it. It is a completely different view of marriage than your average. The whole premise is that what if God designed marriage to make you holy and not happy. It is really neat, a must read for married or engaged couples.


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