Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Future Furry Friend

I finished my last day of class today! Not the last day forever but my last spring semester at App! I just had to throw that in there, not really the subject of this blog post though. I just want you to know that Adam realllllly wants a dog. I mean real bad. He most desperately wants a chocolate or black lab. Every time he sees one he gets sad and it just reaffirms how bad he wants one. I want a dog eventually but not when we first get married. Not to mention the fact that we can’t have a dog at the place that we will be living for roughly 2 years. I have some very valid reasons why I don’t think we should have a dog right at first anyways:

1. They’re expensive: food, vet bills, grooming, etc.
2. What will we do with it when we want to go out of town?
3. Where would it stay when we visit our parents?
4. We are both going to be very busy when we get married
5. I don’t want to live somewhere that I have to walk it every time it needs to go out

I think this totally makes sense... anyone to back me up? Don’t get me wrong I am a dog lover but just in good time when it makes sense for us. Plus whenever we get a dog I’m going to try and talk him into getting a labradoodle. I’m kind of feeling like it will take a lot to talk him into that though. We’ll see! Check back in like 2 1/2 years!


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