Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Final Four and Carowinds

Well it was a great weekend! I drove to Charlotte on Friday to spend the weekend with some friends at Carowinds. Friday night I went to see a good friend of mine play with Jessica Campbell ( in Charlotte. Then the Convention had an event on Saturday called Youth Connect, where we go to the park for the day and then have a concert at the Paladium. This year we had LeCrae and 116 come. It was cool to see them have mini-concerts in the park, and people walking through the park stop by to listen. If someone stood by even for just a minute, they will hear about Jesus quite a few times. So it is a great way for people in the park to hear the gospel. It is also real cool for people see that all kinds of music can be used to glorify Jesus. So overall, it was a great couple of days to get to hang out with friends I work with during the summer.

On the way back to Wake Forest I got to listen to something else great, which is Carolina making it to the FINAL FOUR! The entire trip back Saturday night I was to listening to the Heels play, which certainly made the drive a lot more entertaining. Now I am eagerly awaiting Saturday night when they get to play Kansas to go to the National Championship game! (And yes, I was one of the people who picked all four number ones to make the Final Four!)


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