Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Ole' Race City USA!

So we got to spend a few days together this weekend in Mooresville aka Race City USA. Affectionately called this because it is the home of Dale Jr., Matt Kenseth, Rusty Wallace, Casey Mears, etc. and there are multiple race shops and museums, only if you're into that though! Adam has to go to work for Easter so our time was shortened but that's ok he's where he's supposed to be! We did get to go to The Pit last night with Adam's brother David and their Dad. It was quite entertaining to watch. 2 guys from our home church bought an old factory in Mooresville and turned the thing into an indoor go cart track as well as laser tag. It seems to be a big hit so far. Hopefully it will stay that way. These go carts are not for boys they're for real men! They go fast, I don't want to guess how fast for fear that I would be very wrong! I would be a little afraid to race the track I'm not gonna lie!

I tried to get Adam to put on one of the Race Suits that they give you in case you don't want to get your clothes dirty but he wouldn't. That's ok! At least I got a good one of him in his helmet and in the cart!
I also bought my wedding dress this weekend at The Bridal House. I love it! It kills me that I can't put pictures up but I will be able to in 287 days! I even got a free veil with my dress which those of you who have priced those things before know that they can be fairly expensive for a piece of netting with beads or sparkly things. Anyhow soon enough. We also got to eat lunch outside with his family today and enjoy the nice beautiful weather. I can't wait till it's spring like weather all the time. I'm not a fan of blazing 100 degree temperatures. High 70s low 80s is perfect. I know this is kind of long but I almost forgot! We booked our honeymoon woohoo!!! We are going on a Carnival cruise to Belize, Roatan Islands, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. We got an amazing room and are sooooo excited. I don't think I'll go on a vacation until then actually since my summer is going to be filled with summer school. sad:( But that one will be worth the wait! Caribbean here we come! ~Ashley

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