Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cornholing and Bowling

Well this post is long overdue! My camera has finally been restored to me and I was able to get the pictures off of it from our weekend in Durham. We had a great time! Adam and I got to experience the game of Cornhole at my sisters house. This picture shows my determination and Adam's hysteria at my attempt. I was not so good at Cornhole. I'm not your sportysie kind of girl and I am the worst at basketball, same concept I guess... throwing a bean-bag into a hole. It's basically just a game of toss. You space the Cornhole boards apart and then you try to throw the bean-bag into the hole. You have different points and whatnot, it's fun, and I guess I did ok. I actually made it in sometimes! Later that night we went out to dinner and bowling with some of our friends. I did pretty good at that as well I was quite impressed. My wii bowling skills have paid off! I told Adam before we got there that I kind of felt like I should be good at regular bowling since I kill Adam at wii bowling.... it was partially true! We also got to go to one of our friends wedding shower on Sunday. It was really fun to see all the stuff that they got and to think about that being our turn one day! This weekend was so great because it was just a little taste of what our life will be like in 293 days!  ~Ashley

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