Sunday, March 16, 2008

Aunt and Uncle!!!

Finally I am going to be an aunt! I am so so so excited. Between both of my sisters I have been waiting for probably 5 years to finally be called Aunt Ashley! We celebrated my "last" (see post below) birthday this weekend. My immediate family was there all 8 of us. Mom+Dad+Whitney and husband Jerry+Ivey and husband Ben+Ashley and fiance' Adam, as well as my grandparents and aunts. We had just finished dinner all around the table together and I started the opening present process. I pulled the one from Ivey and Ben first. I opened it and saw that it was a picture frame. It wasn't until I removed the card that was covering the picture did I see that it was the best present of all. It was a picture of my sister's first ultrasound!!! I immediately gasped and freaked out, my sister Whitney beside me joined in. Meanwhile my mom was saying, "What! What is it?!" I turned the frame around for her and she started crying, then there were lots of hugs and tears and congratulations! It was wonderful, we are so very happy for them! She is 9 weeks along and is due October 18th. In plenty of time for the wedding. Little baby Furnas will be about 3 months old by that time. So Adam won't technically be an uncle until we get married but pretty much. Technicality! We are already taking bets on what we think it will be. Whitney and I are alone in our thinking that it will be a girl, because the Furnas family tends to have lots of boys. We shall see! I feel so blessed that I will be right near them not long after the baby comes. Adam and I have already been signed up for free babysitting! I can't wait. God is so good!


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  1. awww- it is fun to keep up with you! and I love where you say "technicality!" I can just hear you saying it! Love you- hope you have a GREAT week! -Christy


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