Wednesday, March 26, 2008

10 things about us

1. We've been dating since Ashley was 15 and Adam was 17
2. We love the TV show Friends, we own all the seasons, and quote it often!
3. We love dinner and a movie dates
4. Adam has had 5 cars 4 of which have been Jeeps
5. In high school Adam helped Ashley's parents pick out her bug
6. Adam needs coffee like air and is trying to convince Ashley of the same
7. Ashley has finally talked Adam into not utterly loathing John and Kate plus 8, she loves shows like that
8. We have been to 3 Dave Matthews concerts together, one of which we were not even dating!
9. We have been to 3 proms together, both of Adam's and only one of Ashley's because she skipped her senior prom to go to Hawaii
10. Our favorite restaurants are Olive Garden, Moe's, and Outback


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